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“To promote international cooperation and friendship through the study of the English language.”
Founded in 1992, Chaucer College is a British Council accredited language school with over 30 years’ experience in teaching English as a  foreign language. Our purpose built study centre is located in the world renowned city of Canterbury, Kent – ‘The Garden of England’.  We offer a range of courses for groups throughout the year. Our popular Junior Summer Camp offers a comprehensive course alongside a packed schedule of activities.
We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students and take our responsibilities very seriously.
  • All Chaucer College staff have oversight of the safeguarding of our students
  • On-duty porter, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. We also have 24 hour monitored security camera surveillance
  • All staff & host families are enhanced police checked to ensure students safety & wellbeing at all times
  • Resident house parents are on hand overnight to assist any students & group leaders staying in our residential accommodation
  • Students are accompanied by college staff & group leaders on all  excursions & during activities by a ratio of 1 to 15 students
  • Emergency phone numbers are provided to all students, group leaders  & parents prior to arrival & are available to be contacted on 24  hours a day
Professor Mitsutoshi Horii

Louise Mead

Tom Woźniak

Miles Shuttleworth

James Archer

Cath Hanson

Louise Howard

Graham Simpson

Professor John Craven


I joined the University of Kent as a lecturer in Economics in 1971 after studying at Cambridge and in the USA. By the early 1990s I had become Deputy Vice-Chancellor and was closely involved in the discussions that led to the establishment of Chaucer College. I left Kent in 1996 to become Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, and I retired from that post in 2013.
Since my retirement I have completed a PhD entitled  “Disagreement and Meaning” in the Philosophy department at King’s College London.   I am closely involved with a family support charity in Portsmouth. I try to look after half an acre of garden in West Sussex, and more recently have discovered the joys of looking after an increasing number of grandchildren.

Professor Mitsutoshi Horii


After studying at University of Kent for his BA and MA in  Sociology, Mitsutoshi Horii obtained his PhD in Sociology also from the  University of Kent in 2005. In the same year, he joined Shumei  University, Japan as a lecturer, but continued living in the UK working  at Chaucer College, which operates as Shumei University’s overseas  campus in the UK. In 2011, he was appointed as Shumei Representative at  Chaucer College. He received Professorship from Shumei University in  2018.
Mitsutoshi is also an active researcher. His recent research  focuses on the function of modern Western categories, such as  ‘religion’, and examines the ways in which these categories authorise  and naturalise specific norms and imperatives in a variety of  socio-cultural contexts, including Japan and Euro-American social  theories. His forthcoming monograph is entitled as Social Theory and the  Ideas of ‘Religion’ and ‘the Secular’: Postcolonial Reflections on  Sociology (Paplgrave Macmillan).

Pat Todd

Born in Ramsgate and schooled in Maidstone, Pat excelled at all  sports with particular success in rugby, swimming and athletics.
Joining Kent Police in 1964 he retired after a full, interesting and varied career, in 1998. In  1999 he was elected a Canterbury City Councillor and has been  successfully returned five times. Chairing several committees over this  time, he has served two terms as Lord Mayor of Canterbury (2006-7 and  2010-11) and is entering his fifth year as deputy leader of the council.
Pat  says of Chaucer College, ‘I am and always have been impressed with the  friendliness and hard work of all the staff at the College from top to  bottom, which enables it to deliver what it does in a capable and  friendly manner. There is no doubt students and visitors leave having  had the best experience possible’.
Dr Anthony Manning

Dr Anthony Manning is Dean for Global and Lifelong Learning at  the University of Kent, in the UK. Through his role at Kent, Anthony is  responsible for the development, implementation and review of  International  and Lifelong Learning activity which includes  international student experience, pathways to higher education  apprenticeships and online learning.
Anthony is a Principal  Fellow of AdvanceHE and a National Teaching Fellow. Anthony has lived  and worked in five countries and has led educational partnerships and  development to more than 25 countries. As well as being a trustee for  Chaucer, Anthony is also the current Chair of the British Accreditation  Council’s (BAC’s) Accreditation Committee.
Masaaki Sekiguchi

Masaaki Sekiguchi received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics at Dokkyo University and a Master’s degree in Education at International Christian University in Japan. After a few years’ teaching at secondary school he earned a scholarship from the Rotary Foundation and studied English phonetics at Leeds University.  In October 1992 he returned home from the UK and got a teaching position at Shumei Gakuen in Saitama.
Ten years later Masaaki transferred to Shumei University in Chiba, then in April 2006 he dispatched to Chaucer College with his family and his Labrador. He is now in charge of one of the five faculties of Shumei University.
Professor Koki Kawashima

Professor Koki Kawashima studied for his BA at the University of Tokyo, and graduated from the University’s Faculty of Letters in 1985. In 1991, he was appointed as the chairman of the Shumei Foundation. Since then, he has been the chairman of Shumei Foundation all the way to the present day. He has also been the President of Shumei University since 2012.
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